Tales of a Sightless City

Tales of a Sightless City Album Cover - Doom Metal


1. Limerence

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2. Green Guardian

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3. Nebula Riders

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4. The Cursed One and the First Flame

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5. Entity of Smoke and Blood

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About Album

Tales of a Sightless City.


The first full release by Johannesburg Doom band – Mad God


Mad God is heavily inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft, evident by our name which is a reference to the great old one Cthulhu. The songs are a collection of horror stories about nightmares, drugs and the things that keep us awake at night. A slow descent into madness.

We are Hillsong for Cthulhu.

We are Mad God.


Album Artwork by Lyle Van’Dango

Drums recorded at Darkstar Studios by Chad de Aguiar.
Thanks to Kevin Leicher for letting us use his amazing studio space.
Guitars recorded at Backline Studios by Baby (Evert Snyman).

Rest of the album tracked, mixed and mastered by Tim Harbour. Thanks to Pat for a second ear on the mastering.

All music and lyrics written by Tim except the music for Green Guardian which was written by Tim and Pat.

Artist: Mad God

Label: Innsmouth Records

Release Date: July 01, 2017

People: Tim Harbour, Patrick Stephansen, Jarred Beaton

Available Lyrics

Album Reviews

 South Africa’s Mad God make a worthy addition to the year’s crop of doom with their self-released debut, Tales of a Sightless City. Have you ever wished that Sleep would just slow down a bit, chew the scenery a little, and just take even more of their sweet-ass time to get to where they’re going? That pretty much encapsulates Tales in a nutshell, but they add a little bit of Lovecraftian insanity to their lyrics and an even more drugged-out air to their melodies and solos.  


 Johannesburg, South Africa: doom metal, though still something of a niche within the bigger picture locally, is rising back to some fair prominence in South Africa with an increase in projects and releases. Our attention is drawn today towards Mad God, as the band releases it’s first single from the forthcoming debut full length album Tales Of A Sightless City. With the song ‘Limerence’ circulating as from today, it is clear that the band has also stepped up a little in production value since it’s 2015 debut on the Unholy Rituals split EP. 


 Feeling good ‘n’ baked after ‘Green Guardian’ the listener is eased into the epic ‘The Cursed One and the First Flame’ – 13 minutes and 45 seconds of slow burning doom. It opens with another collage of samples and an unassuming bassline the likes of which Al Cisneros would be proud. There’s no rush. And by the time that riff drops in at about four-and-a-half minutes, you are well-rewarded for your patience. And then you get to the solos. Holy fuck. The solos.