Grotesque and Inexorable


1. Haunting the Graves of the Unhallowed

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2. The DeZalze Horror

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3. I Created God

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4. The Crawling Chaos

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5. No Prayers, No Fires

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6. The Hunt

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About Album

Grotesque and Inexorable


The second full release by Johannesburg Doom band – Mad God


Grotesque and Inexorable is an exploration into new musical territory for Mad God. After the release of Tales of a Sightless City in 2017, Mad God have been aiming to evolve their sound to something darker and more unique.

This album draws on much gloomier themes and the lyrics reflect this turn. The music itself is both dirtier and more progressive and as a band we tried to include a wider variety of influences including death and black metal as well as more traditional and heavy metal sounds, even including some 70’s progressive rock.

The album title also reflects this change in sound, in other words “disgusting and cannot be stopped” (also as Lovecraftian fanboys we had to throw the word grotesque in somewhere).

Many thanks must go out to all the people involved in making this album happen, I will not go through each person by name but if you were involved in the process of creating this album, even as someone who listened and gave feedback or just friends and family who have continually supported us through our endeavors, we thank you deeply and from the bottom of our hearts. We also want to thank each and every fan who has listened to or purchased our music, without you this second album wouldn’t be happening.


Artist: Mad God

Label: Innsmouth Records

Release Date: November 02, 2018

People: Tim Harbour, Patrick Stephansen, Evert Snyman

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